Friday, December 11, 2015

Sao Francisco de Paula - Week 10

November 9, 2015

Essa semana foi bom!
(This week was great!)

I feel very lucky in this area, i have everything i need to stay healthy and work unhindered because of a lack of something. The streets here are almost all rough hewn cobblestone which wreaks havoc on shoes and feet, but my shoes are amazing so my feet stay healthy. 

The weather here in São Chico stays wet. there is a lot of rain and many days a sinister mist blows in making it so you can barely see anything and everything stays wet! it´s very interesting! mornings are cold and it will generally stay cold throughout the day too. but i like the cold.  so i usually will wear a short-sleeve shirt. everyone here thinks i´m unnatural because of it too! here i´m know as the american who doesn´t feel cold, haha!

The Branch here in São Chico is small, really small! some Sundays we´ll have 40 people or less attend sacrament meetings! we don´t have a chapel here, so the church is renting the house of a doctor who died of cancer a few years back. it´s big enough for all the functions of a normal sunday here, but it´s still tiny! honestly i think it´s super cool!

Right now Brazil is having some problems with government, i think it has something to do with payment of workers or something like that, but i really don´t know exactly is going on. anyways people are starting to protest. although São Chico is tiny, people are staring to protest here too. This past sunday as a form of protest all the truckdrivers in São Chico drove thre trucks to the Center (or main street) and started driving nice and slowly honking their horns the whole way down the street! it was super loud and annoying! and right in the middle of Church! 
yeah, so that happened! 

But the branch here, although small, is amazing! The leaders here try to have an activity for the young mean and young women every saturday! they were going to go camping this week, but it was super cold so they ended up canceling. but instead of leaving saturday without an activity, they decided to do a service project. thy planted flowers in the front of the building and cut the lawn out back! it doesn´t sound like much, but the lawn is a monster! when they finished there was a pile of grass in the back corner of the church lot a foot taller than the tallest guy there! tons of grass! but what really impressed me is that a ton of the youth and the ward showed up just for the service of cutting the lawn! the people here are awesome!

We also started an english class here, so after the service project some of the people stayed and we taught them some phrases and the alphabet in english! it´s super fun and at time hilarious hearing the funny ways the Brazilians pronounce our english words!

Everything is going well out here!
Tudo Bem em Brazil!

Love you guys bunches
Te amo muito

Elder John D. Scarlett

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