Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sao Chico B - Week 2

September 14, 2015

My companion's name is Elder Gomez. He's from São Paulo and he's a really cool guy and a hard worker in the field! He doesn't speak English, which is good because it forces me to learn. He's really patient with me and my lack of experience with Portuguese and the work.

My area is called São Chico B in the zone Gravataí - It's a small town called São Francisco de Paulo and has a very small branch. This week we almost hit our goal to get 80 people in sacrament meeting, we ended up only having around 76 but the Chapel was full to the brim. That shows two things - how small this Branch is, and how great the work is going!

The food is great! Almoço (lunch) is always with a member and you can always count on having rice and beans. That's good because I love rice and beans! They tell you to eat as much as you want, but usually I only get 2-3 plates.

The people are so great in this Branch! Sometimes I feel like I'm at a Dawson Family Reunion, but everyone speaks Portuguese! There are a couple of super strong families here I absolutely love visiting! The people here have really touched my heart and I love them all! 

I´m healthy, though I've been eating more snacks lately and fruits and vegetables can be hard to come by during the day, but my body is adjusting well! I sleep great every night, allergies are the same, and i haven't gained much weight, but i can feel the muscles in my arms and my core degrading, and the muscles in my legs getting super tight, so i need to exercise more with my arms and core, but other than those, I'm still great! 

Gotta go! love you!
Stay strong, stay safe!
have faith, and keep working!

Até mais!

Elder John D. Scarlett

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