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Sao Francisco de Paula - Week 16

December 21, 2014

This week flew by fast!

This week was a pretty interesting week. we had a big Christmas conference for all the missionaries in the mission on wednesday in Porto Alegre! it was a two day conference where half the mission attended one day, and the other half the next day, so our day was wednesday! it was super fun and very interesting. every zone put on a presentation about christmas for the rest of the mission. a lot of them very very... interesting... it was super fun and very enjoyable to say the least. 

working after the we returned from the conference was an amazing experience! the conference really filled us with the spirit and when we started working it showed!

another interesting thing that is happening out here is that the mission is changing. the Mission President is working hard to help the missionaries start working in a way which is more directed by the spirit. I´ve only seen the changes in my area so far, but it´s amazing to see. 

for example, yesterday was a really slow day. no appointments, not many people on the streets to talk to, nobody in their houses. Elder Fávaro and I were trying to figure out something to do, find at least one person to visit. we sat down on a bench and he said, 
"you need to choose the next visit." 
"okay, it´ve done that before! let´s think who can we visit, hmmmm...."

there is nobody i can think of to visit...

"okay, lets look at the contacts and see if anthing stands out!" 

i sat there for another 15 minute just thinking, then a little thought poped into my head that i need to find someone in Rincão, a neighborhood in our area. 
so i pulled out the map and looked at the streets in that neighborhood. 
again just little thouhts popping into my head, like "no, not that street, nope, not that one either." 
but when i hit the right street i recieve a very small peacfull feeling like 
"that´s the one" 
"okay, we´ve been there before. Who lives there?"
i ended up finding a person we talked to one of the past weeks in the list of contacts in my companions planner, his name was Lucas. so we decided that we were going to visit Lucas. 
the whole family was there and the visit was filled with the spirit! the message was exactly what they needed and they were happy to set an appointment for us to visit with them again. 

this is exacly what president Campos told up he wanted of us. he wanted us to be able to listen to the whisperings of the spirit as it tells us exactly where to go and what to do. i have no doubt in my mine that Heavenly Father wanted us to visit with that family in that hour of yesterday afternoon. 
Heavenly Father knows what he wantsfor each of his children, we just need to listen. 

love you guys a lot! 
talk to you guys next week!
Tudo Bem em Brasil!

Elder John D. Scarlett

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