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Sao Francisco de Paula - Week 15

December 14, 2014

Holy Goodnes! Oh My Days! Flip Me!!!! It´s so close!!!
This week was super interesting. thing have and are changing like i never thought they would! it´s super cool and super strange!

First change that has happened so far. two less missionaries in São Francisco de Paula! What?! how did that happen?! all i have to say about that is: Kids, don´t gossip. 
But it was super sad to watch them leave, it was the first time i´ve cried out here on the mission (sorry mom! :) love you!). they were super great, but now it´s just me and Elder Fávaro working here for the entire city of São Francisco de Paula.

Second change, we have two areas to work in now, our old area, and the area of the Elders who got transfered. 

Fourth change! 


I am STOKED for Christmas! Haha in reality, there is´t much to do on Christmas day for us, but the season is incredible out here on the mission! So many people are ten times more receptive just because Christmas is coming around! and is there anything better than being able to share the gift Jesus Christ gave for us in this season of Charity Love and Giving? 
I think we´re going to start charoling too it´s going to be soooo cool! 

So the branch here already had a huge christmas party! they´re awesome! there had to be at the very least 80 people at the party! that´s huge here! like ginormous!!!! 
and i made Chocolate Chip Cookies!!! 
So now everyone here thinks i´m a talented baker! (i just used the pre-prepared cookie dough mix 😉)  but the party was super fun. president gave a great message about Christmas and remembering Christ through our actions, we watched the video the Church released for Christmas, and ate! What made it super awesome was that a lot of the less active member we are working with were there and even a few friends of theirs showed up!
but there is more in store for this season! i´m super excited for all that´s coming!

Love you all!
Have a good Christmas Season! 
Tudo Bem em Brazil!

Elder John D. Scarlett

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