Sunday, August 2, 2015

Brazil CTM - Week 1

Hello everyone!

By far best week ever! Hardest, but best! The language is crazy, and so hard to pick up but I'm a week in and I can communicate pretty well with the Brazileiros now! The food here is great! The dormitorios are great! The people are the best! I love my instructors so much, even if I can only understand half of what they are saying but it is still fantastic!

We taught our first CTM investigator the third day we were here, in total Portuguese - totally crazy! It was pretty much the single scariest moment of my life! SO GREAT! and a bit of a lost cause...    We've taught almost every day since! I've progressed so much in this one week than in any week of my entire life! Now me and my companion can teach the investigator in Portuguese and answer most of the questions he has in Portuguese! Thinking about it now, I just want to cry when I see how far I've come.  I love teaching the CTM investigators so much, those lessons have become a fun part of my day!

We went to the Sao Paulo Temple today for P-day (We get to go to Sao Paulo or Campinas temple every P-Day in the CTM)! The temple was absolutely stunning and Huge! so big compared to Columbia or Raleigh! The murals they had were probably the most stunning parts of the temple, and the chandelier in the last room was huge and totally beautiful! I got some pictures outside the temple but we´re not supposed to send pictures from the CTM so I'll get those out to you when  get into my mission down in Porto Alegre! No sending packages to the CTM either. Wait until Iget out to the mission field to send a package, they don´t accept them at the CTM.

Our district is the best district in the CTM - we get along so well! Some nights we'll be laughing together for at least an hour straight! Probably should have been studying... :D 
They are all so great! love them all to death! 

Today is P-day so I get my 1 and only free cookie today from the bakery across the street! And we all get to hang out as a district some more! And I get a free cookie today!
I hear the cookies are so good :)  Guarana, best soda ever! So my mission for all of you guys is to find me somewhere I can buy it in America before I get home!

The spirit is so strong here in the CTM! So much study is happening and there are more prayers here per square foot than anywhere else in the entire nation of Brazil! Not even lying on that one....    Sundays are the best here in the CTM! The Spirit is 10x stronger and the classes are like two notches up from EFY! I feel like I got into a boxing match with the Holy Ghost and I got pounded with so much knowledge! 

Not sure what else to write but all is well in Brazil!  I love you guys all so much and I'm praying for you guys every day! 

Tudo Bem!

Elder Scarlett

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