Monday, August 10, 2015

Brazil CTM - Week 2


The CTM just keeps getting better and better! That being said, I am so ready to get out of this place! Not because I'm tired of the CTM or anything like that, I am just ready to get out there and teach the Gospel! 

As for the CTM getting better and better, every week I get better at the language! I can now teach entire lessons and even have small discussions! I understand about 75% of what the teachers teach now, and I'm starting to understand when I read the scripture in Portuguese! I've always believed in the gift of tongues, but it's to weird to have it! 

As far as my district goes, they're awesome! The sisters in my district got reassigned so that was a little sad, but we´re still going strong!

And I was on a MAD ONE!
in the SAME DAY!

Story time (Caution: involves Bodily fluids)

So me and my district were at lunch chatting it up. Usual stuff,  laughing, a lot! I can't remember the specific circumstances, all I remember was that I had a drink of water in my mouth when somebody said something, and we were all laughing! 2 options, swallow water or spit it out.  I'm too polite to spit it out, so i swallow it! Naturally the better idea, right? 
Horribly wrong.  So nobody told me this, so I'll tell you guys - don't swallow water while you're laughing hard - it's not a fun experience. You see, what actually happens is that you gag then water comes out of your mouth...
and your nose! But let´s not stop there! 

So if you know what siphoning is then you know how useful it is for stealing gasoline. The same effect isn't as fun when your stomach is involved, because I tasted my lunch twice! After the water came out my stomach was like, "But wait! There's more!" So don't swallow water while you´re laughing really hard!

That was MAD ONE #1

Same day, Wednesday is pizza night in the CTM and they have tons of great pizza so we had a pizza eating contest! My goal was seven, and I beat everyone with seven. But I love me some Banana Chocolate pizza, so I ended up downing 10 instead! Keep in mind this isn't Little Caesar's pizzas, these are full on Brazilian Pizzas! It was so good! So now I've been on two MAD ONE's according to my district :D

As fun as the CTM is, it's so hard - teaching 2-3 lessons a day for 20-30 minutos is muito deficil! Not to mention pretty much the rest of the time is spent sitting in a chair listening to someone speaking only Portuguese! I've never had my mental capacity tested so much in my life! I'm mentally exhausted by the end of each day! But I can't imagine doing anything else right now! I, along with every other missionary here, and all of our leaders, were called of God to help teach his Gospel and bring his children unto Christ! How great of a call is that! How great is it to be able to share that calling with tens of thousands of other people! I know that my purpose as a missionary, to invite all to come unto Chist, will help many people.

Love you all!
tudo bem em Brazil!

 - Elder John Scarlett

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