Friday, August 28, 2015

Brazil CTM - Week 5

My two favorite flags!

Brazil MTC
My District at the Sao Paulo temple
Last week in the CTM! Last day going to the São Paulo temple, and last email from the CTM! Think about that! Next week I'll be down in Porto Alegre, with a companion who doesn't speak a lick of english (at least I hope he doesn't)!  I am so excited to get out and really start sharing this gospel and all the new things I've learned from the CTM. As far as this week goes, we had a General Authority come and speak to us in one of our devotionals and we watched a 2013 devotional at the Provo MTC at which Elder Holland spoke for our other devotional! What a huge privilege to hear from two general authorities in the same week! Filled up 6 pages of my journal with new inspirational messages and testimony building quotes!
My study desk

Pretty much everything is the same as last week though - same food, same teachers, same district! So great!

Here is one for Jessica Gregory, if she hasn't heard already! Irma Orfila

My District at Campinas Temple
She's one of the Instructors here and she started her mission in the Salt Lake City Mission while Jessica was finishing up the last few months of her mission! Such a small world when you're mormon!

And for Logan, do you remembers Irma Marques or Irmão Guilerme when you were in the CTM.

Not much has changed here, except for my testimony, my Portuguese, my love for temples, and my love for Brazil and it's people. That has all excelled!

When all you guys read this, take a little time and shoot me an email! I love hearing about how everything is going back in The States!

Eu amo vocês muito!
Tudo Bem em Brazil!

- Elder Scarlech (Scarlett)
Ties are super cheap - 3 for about $5 :)
Pday in the CTM Halls

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