Friday, August 14, 2015

Brazil CTM - Week 3

Another week in the CTM and everything is still going great! 

I don't want to talk about how great my Portuguese is getting because I talk about that every time I email! but it´s starting to really take off! I still know nothing, but I'm doing so much better!

My favorite two days here in the CTM are Sundays and Fridays (P-day)! Sunday is flipping amazing because we get to listen and learn about gospel principles in ENGLISH - it´s always a total breath of fresh air! Plus the leaders that teach us are pretty amazing themselves. Its hard to imagine them not talking with the spirit!

And of course P-day! How could I not love P-days! We wake up at 5:40 in the morning get ready and leave for the temple around 6:45. Today we were able to go to the Campinas Temple! The São Paulo temple is HUGE on the inside and 100% Gorgeous! But it´s smack dab in the middle of the city so the grounds are small, still gorgeous, because it´s a temple. The Campinas Temple is Huge on the outside! So much space and so many beautiful plants and so much beautiful architecture! it´s just Great!! The inside is a bit smaller, and honestly not as stunning as the São Paulo temple, but again, it´s still a beautiful place! after all it is a temple! 

Tuesdays we have devotionals and this time we watched the broadcast from Provo, which was sent to the Brazil CTM after it had happened (Sorry Sara :) ). It was a little funny when we all sang "Called to Serve" at the beginning because all the Missionaries were pumped up and singing in Portuguese, but they sang it fast enough that we were at least a line ahead by the end of each verse! There is so much spirit in these walls, but the musical talent can be lacking sometimes :D  I love all the Brazilians here so much! Anyways I felt bad afterwards because I fell asleep during the broadcast and missed most of Elder Nelson's talk and apparently I slept through the entire Brazilian National Anthem too! I was OUT! 

We went proselyting on quinta-feira (Wednesday) and we passed out at least 64 Book of Mormons as a group - it was crazy! and super exciting! and scary! all at the same time! I didn't know half of what anyone was saying but it was so cool to see how much they still were interested about the Gospel and the blessings it could bring into their lives! Even cooler was that they were willing to accept BoMs from 18 year-old Americans who barely knew a lick of Portuguese! It was really nice to be able to do that and now I'm super pumped to get out of here and really learn some Portuguese and do some teaching!

But everything is going fantastic here!
Tudo Bem em Brazil!

 - Elder Scarlett

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