Saturday, August 22, 2015

Brazil CTM - Week 4

Oi meu amigos! Tudo Bem?

Not much new here at the CTM, Just some more new faces as goes every week! I love the CTM for that reason! every week there is so much change with people coming and leaving, some people can hold a conversation some still know nothing in portuguese! it´s always a humbling experience! 

The Green Beans (newly arrived missionaries AKA Greenies) we got last week are really cool though, we talk with them a lot, and they have P-Day with us so that is fantastic! 

The highlights for every week is pretty much Sabados (P-Day´s), Domingos, e Quarta-feiras (Green Bean Day)!

An elder from our district went home this week though, we all had a hard time with it. He was a great addition to the district, but going home made him so much happier for the last day, so i´m happy that he´s back home happy with his family! A mission isn't for everyone. it´s hard work that require ALL of your time and tons of faith. It's definitely something you have to be willing to do!

If there is anything I've learned this week, it's the importance of faith in this life, and specifically in this work. If you don't have faith and you don't work, nothing gets done, lessons blunder, time is wasted, the spirit doesn't teach. With Faith everything becomes possible! EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE!!!!  After I understood that, the lessons I taught with my companion were filled with the spirit! We have to WORK, for "faith without works is dead." Me and my companion study hard every day - whether it is the language, or the scriptures, we are studying. And if we aren't studying we are either praying or preparing. Then the miracles happen. Since this gelled in my mind, the lessons I've taught have been the best ever taught since coming to the CTM.

The other things I've really learned and gained a knowledge and testimony of are the principles of obedience and its direct link to blessings! It's really amazing how much we are promised!

Anyways - Tudo Bem em Brazil!
Love you guys!
Stay fantastic!

-Elder Scarlett

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