Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sapiranga - Week 10

March 7, 2016

This week was pretty great! one of the struggles we´ve been having here is that lessons with member we far and in between. but yesterday we made some visits with some of the young men, and they are looking for opportunities to go out more with us! the leaders are starting to show more interest in helping us out with visits and with new pesquisadores! it´s a real blessing and an answer to a lot of prayer and fasting on out part!

Yesterday we visited a less active lady with two of the young men. on of the young men is good friends with her and wanted to pass by and talk with her. shes 50 years old and has problems walking long distances, but she said shes never stopped reading the Book of Mormon and has always had a desire to go back to church! okay! we can work with that! we´´l be visiting her for a bit and looking for members that can help her with regular rides to church! she is a real jewel! thank you Washington for being a great young man!

We´ve had tons of expériences fining new families and investigators who are really exemplary! but here is the spiritual nugget i´ve been neglecting for so long! Enjoy!

I´ve always loved the story of Lehonti (Leônti) and his firm resolution! and i always love the warning given by his example. He fell to the temptations of Amalekia to leave his firm resolution just a little, and for this he lost his life, and the lives of many of his lamanite bretheren.

On a brighter not we have the example of Moroni who put his "firm resolution" on a stick. his firm resolution was centered not in a physical fort or mountain, but on the mountain of our Lord God. his example of faith unshaking led to the salvation of thousands of his bretheren and worked even unto the saving of their very liberty to Worship. 

I love how these two examples are given in stark contrast, Leônti falling into the satanic grasps of Amalequias only a few chapters after Captain Moroni saved his bretheren from the same trap laid by the same satanic hands.

I know when we are centered with a "Firm Resolution" to follow our savior, centering our lives on his mount, we´ll save our lives and our liberty! 

Today me and my companion made our own "Firm Resolution" to follow the rules of the mission and to succeed in fulfilling the pattern of excellence this next week. We´ve been working hard, but GOd asked for more than we were giving. so now we´re cantering on the mount and preparing to the battle we´re about to fight. it´s going to be a lot of hard tiring work, but we´re going to do it in the  best ways possible. with our eyes and hand centered and working on and with the lord!

Elder Scarlett

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