Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sapiranga - Week 13

March 28, 2016

It´s a serious question in which i would love a serious response!!
Moroni is always seriously legit!!

Sorry i haven´t been sending emails these past two weeks! i´ve beed loaded with emails tosend to President and to mummy! so i´ve been lacking time to send. mom and President come first! :P

But know i love you guys and i´ll always send an email in the future! sometimes waaaaay in the future, but it shall be sent!!

This week was really great teaching! i´ve had some pretty incredible experiences teaching from the book of mormon and about the atonement of Christ. the two most important peicese of our religion! Christ and his Atonement as our center and the Book of Mormon as the Cornerstone of the church, people really start to see the joy and peace that the Latter Day Saints enjoy through these two huge parts of our faith!

I can´t really give much deatil about this week, but it sufficeth me to invite you guys to study more about the Atonement and Saving Sacrifice of Christ, especially through that amazing book of scripture called the Book of Mormon. I can echo and testify of the promises found in the introduction to this wonderful book. read it, live it, love it.!

Love you all!
Stay Legit like Moroni!
Tudo Bem em Brazil!

ELDER Scarlett

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