Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sapiranga - Week 11

March 14, 2016

Holy Goodness!!!!!
this past week was flippin amazing!!!

I cant write it all but i want to share with you what happened this last sunday! 

These past weeks we´ve been learning how we can better use the spirit in teaching and we encountered a scripture in Doctrine & Covenants that talks about how you can know if you´re teaching with the spirit. is says that you and the other person will rejoice together in feeling and teaching through the holy spirit! I´ve been striving to have experiences like that these past two weeks, the best and biggest experience i´ve had yet was this sunday!

First off, last week i was asked to give a talk on the following sunday, or this week, being busy as missionaries are, i prepared minimally. 

In the first class about the restoration and Joseph Smith, my spiritual eyes opened a lot and i received a lot of strength to my testimony of the restoration! 

The second class i was able to learn more through the spirit about the Book of Mormon and some of it´s teachings. I even gave a small commentary that shocked me and the teacher! Totally prompted by the spirit. he told me what to say and it was confirmed through the tears brought to both the teacher and my own eyes, it was simple too, only about the significance of the phrase baptism by fire! Wont forget it!

But the highest moments this sunday were in sacrament meeting. I was preparing a bit more about the talk and listening to the talks of the other members. my mind was opened and drawn to many scriptures which the spirit said would be of great strength the the ward! 

i was third speaker and they only left 25 minutes for me. i´ve never been so prepared to give a talk, never been so animated! i opened my mouth and the spirit told me exactly what to say! i was in tears within the first 5 minutes and so were many of the members, including my best member friend! i spoke on missionary work and how each member should be engaged. i´ll forever be surprised and moved at this talk. there isn´t much more i can say to describe it, but i can really say that i know i was an instrument in the hands of the lord yesterday in uniting a ward in bringing the blessings of the gospel into the lives of all his children! 

Elder Scarlett

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