Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sapiranga - Week 6

February 8, 2016

How great is it to live one more day in the life of a missionary!
How great is it to have one more p-day to hear from all my friends!

So we´ve been working hard this past week, meeting with new promising investigators, eating plenty of churrasco! 

If you´ve read my emails, you´ll remember that i talked about a couple who contacted us on the street and invited us over for dinner! we had that appointment this week! they are an amazing family! They´ve received a lot of the missionaries who have passed through this area and always love the visits and messages we leave with them! we have another dinner appointment with them, they want me to make them american pancakes! 

Yesterday had an experience that taught me a good lesson. Sunday was going a bit slow, not getting many visits with investigators, and nobody is on the streets. i was a little bummed. the week before sunday we had a good good run with visiting and helping investigators but Sunday was super slow. Just wanted to get in one good visit before day´s end. we were walking to the house of a less active member for a visit and a drunk man started walking towards us. no idea where this would lead so i just braced for impact. he started talking to us and said he was going for another drink. we asked if he liked drinking or if he wanted to stop. he totally opened up and told us how he wanted to change, but just didn´t know where to start. he ended up inviting us to his house where we shared a message with him and his wife who doesn´t believe he can change. after the lesson and closing prayer they understood that we were there to help them, they both had a light in their eyes, i think it was the light of a new hope in Christ.

As missionaries we preach the Gospel of Christ, that it exists in its fullness today and has power to help anyone who receives it. A missionaries hope is to encounter those who really want to come closer to Christ, just as this couple. This is why i love the life of a missionary. this is why i love hearing from my missionary friends on p-days. We are given the opportunity to witness the miracles wrought through this wonderful gospel every day! 

love you guys!
Tudo Bem em Brazil!

ELDER Scarlett

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